Day dreaming

Wings are expanding Cutting through thin air Floating with the wind Aiming for freedom Eyes stay closed Up here, there’s nothing to be careful of There’s no need for a destination That’s what I call freedom There is no such thing as time There are no limitations to a journey Nothing that can get in … More Day dreaming

Will I ever

Will I ever stop crying whenever I allow myself to remember you Will I ever stop hurting whenever I look at photos of you Photos of you smiling like the happiest person alive The sort of happiness for which I strive  Will tears stop rolling down my cheeks whenever I read our texts Maybe one … More Will I ever

not facing it

It’s nearly been two weeks since I found out that my dearest friend has crossed the river. I just can’t keep posting stuff as if nothing has happened. I want my next post to be about him and not some random ramblings of mine. I want it to be my final good bye and that … More not facing it

It hurts

   …when a nightmare overshadows your day …when an occasional worry becomes reality …when dry tears turn into rivers flowing down your cheeks …when there is nothing you can do except scream and cry and still it won’t make you go back in time 


   My best friend who literally meant the world to me died in a motor bike accident! I am speechless. There are no words to describe the pain!  I will miss you Dirk! I’ll see you on the other side 

Let go

I wrote this poem early this year and it is related to the story of my last blog post Sorry not sorry    You’re drowning me in your words I’m suffocating, I’m struggling Just let go off me so I can breathe You’re clinging on to me like a spider web I’m trying to rub it … More Let go

Sorry not sorry

I thought I just pick up where I left off. I was going to write this before I had this necessary break. I kicked myself in the butt and here I am. Let me know what you think.  When a relationship ends, it usually takes the heart broken one a fair while to get over … More Sorry not sorry